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A Porsche Wedding II

What happens when an amazing Bride and a really cool Groom have a super fast 1957 Porsche Speedster convertible...well, they drive it to the Harvard footbridge to get married of course.

After getting ready at the Fairmont Copley Hotel, and a few shots of the Bride and Groom outside, we headed over to Cambridge for a very romantic ceremony conducted by the Groom's longtime friend on the Weeks Bridge. They had a fortunate 65 degree sunny day and full moon at night just after their ceremony for the ride home along one of my favorite stretches of urban roadway in the U.S...Memorial Drive.




Fairmont Lobby

Fairmont Exit

Fairmont Kiss


Looking Back

Memorial Drive

Weeks Bridge Ceremony

Weeks Bridge Ceremony 2

Weeks Bridge Sunset

Weeks Bridge Hug

Weeks Bridge Kiss

Weeks Bridge CameraFlowers

Charles River


Cross Out


Location 1: Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston
Location 2: Weeks Bridge, Cambridge
Dress: www.lorenzoriva.it
Suit: www.hugoboss.com
Flowers: www.FaxonGreen.com
Ring: Leon Mege / www.artofplatinum.com
Car: www.classiccarsandbyways.com


Will Tangorra said...

Hey Brian...your images AND that Porsche both rock! Nice stuff!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful!!! You have a magic touch that is really breathtaking.
Wonderful job!