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Thank you for visiting my blog! The posts are short, sweet and to the point. Typically current photos I have taken that follow my professional and personal life. No long written paragraphs here for all of you short attention span readers. And I'm not that good of a writer anyways :-) I hope you gain a good idea of who I am thru my photography, my travels, and my humor posted here. Come back soon!



After a week in Scotland, we have made it to Amsterdam. And what an Amazing city! Basically it is the "Venice" of the north. It is such a colorful and architecturally rich city. The Dutch are extremely friendly, the city is hip with a cozy "gezelligheid" vibe. Canals and bridges are everywhere. So are coffee shops, bars, and restaurants on every corner. Bikes...never seen so many in my life. Even the women ride them to work in high heels. This city is a definitely one to put on your "must see" list!


"Frites with Mayo" a Dutch delicacy!

Check out the heels!


Bridge over the Keizersgracht Canal


Will the Real Budweiser Please Stand Up

Found this beer at a party we went to in Edinburgh. And no, it isn't produced by Anheuser-Busch . This Czech Republic beer was actually started back in 1795. Our American Budweiser wasn't started until 1876. And the best part... it tasted like beer unlike our Budweiser.




My new "assistant" (lol) Maria and I made it to Scotland early this morning. A 16 hour door to door trip from Boston. We are here for a wedding next Tuesday and will be spending some time with friends this weekend. It will be such an amazing time and I will post pictures when I can.

We already checked out the "Royal Mile" as well as stumbled upon a Scottish Beer Fest for which I paid the 5 pounds entrance fee without hesitation . See picture below. The city of Edinburgh is visually stunning, safe, and FUN!!! We can't wait for the next several days.

Go Celtics!!!

Uhmmmmm Beeeerrrrr!!!

This sure ain't Beantown!

Look who we met.

Oh, and a side note... I did not know that it does not get dark here until 11:00PM. So cool, yet so strange.


New Sheriff in Town

I am excited to announce that my wife, Maria, has officially left the corporate world to come work for me full-time. Or as she jokes around, "I will be working for her", lol. She has been at my side on over 200 weddings and has photographed the last 60 as my second shooter. She has an amazing eye and in just a short period of time has blossomed into a tremendous photographer!

Here she is in action... look, she even holds the camera the right way :-).

Here is a shot taken by Maria from one of her first photoshoots just a few weeks ago. More to come!


Tim Russert

I was shocked and deeply saddened today to learn that Tim Russert has passed away. He was someone I highly admired. While I never met Tim, I felt a very close affinity to him. We both grew up in Buffalo, NY, attended Canisius High School, loved the Buffalo Bills, and are Irish Catholic :-). Tim was extremely well loved in my hometown community as well as by his media peers. In 2008, Time Magazine named Russert one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Tim Russert

A light side note for you Buffalo fans...Russert was known to have gone to Woodstock in a Buffalo Bills Jersey and with a case of beer. Now that is a true Buffalonian :-).


Brides Magazine Party

I attended the Brides Magazine / Brides.com Party the other night at a really cool space called The Artists for Humanity Center in South Boston. It was a tasty evening with wonderful apps and martinis, amazing decor and design by Tangorra Wedding Planning and great music by DJ Raffi. It felt a bit like I was in New York City on the set of a Sex in the City party. I made a lot of new friends from magazine editors to event planners and a few new photographers, aka Team Yu, Brittnay Blando, and Will Tangorra.

Brides Magazine Party Photo care of William Tangorra
Photo Credit above = William Tangorra
Brides Magazine Party Photo care of William Tangorra
Photo Credit above = William Tangorra


My Website Relaunch

So excited!! .. bigger and better pictures, Check it out... www.BrianPhillipsPhoto.com !!!

Website Relaunch