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Thank you for visiting my blog! The posts are short, sweet and to the point. Typically current photos I have taken that follow my professional and personal life. No long written paragraphs here for all of you short attention span readers. And I'm not that good of a writer anyways :-) I hope you gain a good idea of who I am thru my photography, my travels, and my humor posted here. Come back soon!


Subway Sandwiches in the Red Sox Dugout

On Friday, I assisted argueably the foremost sports / portrait photographer of our time, Walter Iooss of Sports Illustrated . We went to Fenway Park to photograph Red Sox closer Jon Papelbon for the magazine.

It was an intense day that started early with picking up a van full of power packs, strobes, and tons of other lighting equipment. The shoot didn't start till 3PM so after setting up we had a few extra hours to kill. Enter the Subway Sandwiches...

Here, the best part of my day wasn't working with a star athlete, nor working with an iconic photographer whose S.I Swimsuit pictures are ingrained into every American males memory, but it had to be my eating a crummy Subway turkey sub with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and onions while sitting on the Red Sox bench in one of the most historic ballparks. And even while I am not a die hard Sox fan, the moment just could not be overlooked and was very much


End of an Era

Yesterday, my last remaining grandparent passed away at the young age of 93. And just over a year ago he was still leading an active life and living on his own. A truly amazing person whom I admire and love dearly.

My grandfather was a successful entrepreneur who would work for no one. After being the first in the family to graduate college, he started and ran his own businesses like a furniture store, water softener-co, newspaper, and even, get this, a dating service, lol. He was always ahead of the curve. I own him much thanks for the knowledge and confidence he instilled in me to go out and work for myself, live my life on my terms and not someone elses. For this, I will always be greatful!

Grandpa had survived his wife Grandma Josephine by 16 years. He leaves behind all 4 children, 12 grandchildren, and many great-grandkids as well. Family kept him going. And while he never lived his dream of achieving the century mark, his spirit and love for family will live on much much longer.