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Thank you for visiting my blog! The posts are short, sweet and to the point. Typically current photos I have taken that follow my professional and personal life. No long written paragraphs here for all of you short attention span readers. And I'm not that good of a writer anyways :-) I hope you gain a good idea of who I am thru my photography, my travels, and my humor posted here. Come back soon!


Standing Out From the Crowd

Came across this fun shot last weekend. As a photographer, I am constantly shooting
during the wedding day. So when the Bride and Groom decided to peer thru the limo's sunroof, I had no choice but to shoot up at them. I think the expression on the brides face and the gently placed fingers on the edge of the sunroof opening helped make this picture work. What do you think? Leave a comment for me :-).

Brian Phillips Faneuil Hall

Outside shot of Bride and Groom taken by M.

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Neve said...

I think it's a perfect example of why you're such a talented photographer. We hope all is well with you and Maria. We just welcomed our daughter, Neve, this past July, and found out that we live up the street from Kelly and Eric Barry. Best, Cynthia