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Fashion Week Runways

Shooting runway is one of the more challenging disciplines of photography I have experienced. It goes way beyond just simple follow focus and firing away the motor drive on your camera.

First there is the waiting. Waiting to get into the show to claim your spot on the riser. This usually involves showing up at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time, if not longer. Then, there is the mad dash of 50 plus photographers fighting their way to position themselves hopefully near the center of the runway. Then more waiting. About a half hour of standing around waiting for people to be seated, celebrities to be interviewed. And during this time, there is still positioning. Sometimes it get's argumentative. Photographers and videographers battling it out to make sure that when the show starts, they have a clear view of the runway. Then it starts to get hot. Hot from all of the photographers packed in tight. Room lights go down, runway lights slowly come up, show starts. Click, Click, Click, Click, Click. At least 20 solid minutes of ultimate concentration. Shooting away at every model who struts down the catwalk. Your arms get tired, your legs start to slightly burn. You get even more hot, sweat drips down your brow. Show ends.

Quick! Run to the next show and start the process all over. Now repeat 4-8 times a day over the course of a week. That is runway! Oh yeah, don't forget editing your pictures. I shot 5000 in just the course of two days.

Some of the I shows covered on Thursday and Friday included, Vera Wang, Badgley Mischka, Max Azria, Bill Blass and many more.

The Badgley Mischka Runway

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Jen E. said...

holy mack. that sounds like quite a job! it always sounds so glamorous but indeed it is WORK!! beautiful images though.